We supply directly various size boats           

We supply Currocks

Narrow and Broad Canal Boats

Ferry Boats

Ship Builders

Boat Yards

Via our customers we supply the Navy, and a Paddle Steamer

Wind Mills

Water Mills

Historic Buildings

Various Museums

a University

Precision Ruler Manufacturers

Non-Poluting Skid Pan Greases

The Pharmecutical Trade and Industry. 

We are pleased to show our products being used by our Customers.

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The Carters and Wheelwrights  of RAMCO who use our Raw and Boiled Linseed Oils along with Genuine Gum Turpentine to produce authentic old paint as shown.

Butlers Wooden Boats who are a Dartmouth boat yard using our products on a new build boat.

Wicken Wind Mill 

Produce Stone Ground Flour by Natural Power!

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They use our materials when they do their regular maintenance.

1914 Narrow Boat HAZEL built in Runcorn and was restored with our Historic Materials See the LINK to Her web site..


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