Please note that some items have not been available for some time, but if you ask we may be able to tell you about it.

A. Anti-scuffing Compound.

B. Bitumens... Solid and Liquid. Solid for Marine Caulking. Liquid as a Lubricant, Paint, Anti-vandal Paste, Cardium type.

C. Chalk powder &  lump, French Chalk/Talk, Colza Oil, Caustic Soda


E. Empty Containers and Cartons.  Export Trade can be packed in any Industry Standard container.

F. Fish Oil, Flux Oil.

G.Graphite as powder or flake or in grease or petroleum jelly. Grease marine or Silicone.

H. High temperature Silicone Grease.

I. Iron Cement.

L. Linseed Oils raw & boiled, Quick Lime & Lime wash Lanolin.

M. Molybdenum Disulphide as a powder or in a grease base.

N. Non listed items made to order.

O. Oils... Coal Tar, Colza, Drying, Fish, Paint, Storm, Wave.    Best Blond Oakum.

P. Pitches Petroleum, Vegetable, Mineral, Coal, Caulking.

Q. Quick Lime & lime wash.

R. Rosin,  Rosin Varnish.

S. Stockholm Tar.

T. Tallow, Genuine Gum Turpentine.

V. Varnish... Black, Copal, Rosin, Tar.

W.    White Petroleum Jelly.

Y. Your products drummed to your requirements and labeling.

Z. Zero the number of complaints..                                                                                                 00/03/2017