In the beginning...

The company, founded by Joseph Birdsall and Peter Houlgrave, began trading in Liverpool on 22nd December 1809 as P. Houlgrove & Co. - Turpentine Distillers. The original document is still in hand and can be seen below. In 1900 the company moved to its present location and by 1901 had unified with Messrs. Liver Grease, Oil & Chemical Company, taking its current name. During the first 50 years of this century it gradually acquired the full present site.

 Bombed, blasted, burned and burgled

In 1940 and 1941 the works and office were severely damaged by numerous incendiary and high explosive bombs, destroying all the company records. Due to the loss of records many home trade accounts were not paid and the directors decided to move into the export trade. This rapidly replaced the home trade and sales have been export dominated ever since.

The company suffered further vandalism, arson and burglaries culminating in 1969 when five major fires destroyed much of the buildings, and nearly caused the collapse of the company. Each fire was then valued at £20,000.

Legges Iron Cement

Liver Grease bought out Messrs. F. Thompson Legge & Co. of Duke Street, a long established compound and material manufacturer. One of their materials still made today is `Legges Iron Cement' , mainly manufactured for South East Asia.

Keeping up to date

Since 1960 the work force has reduced as mechanical aids have increased. Advanced filling methods, unit loading, purchasing expertise have all helped to reduce costs and maintain competitiveness in the world market.

We have large purpose built premises, acquired in 1900 close to Liverpool docks, with facilities for off street load and unloading of lorries and up to 40 foot ISO containers.  Advanced technology is used to prepare special labels to customers' and legal requirements.

[Barrels] [Contain]


Due to the change in markets and the change in the Baltic Triangle

the Owners sold on the Company as a going concern to Liver Grease

Holdings Ltd, who are continuing to run the Company.